The Drinking Game

Gather your friends A pak for every mood Start the fun!

Play Blur with your friends!

Blur gives you questions and challenges so that you can become even closer with your friends.

In our new social drinking game, we’ve handpicked only the best for our players. Blur is full of classics like “Never have I ever” and “Dilemmas”, as well as exciting minigames that will test your wit, openness to sharing, and tolerance for bravery and adventure. We have also made something completely new and original for you!

The game is packed with hilarious challenges, fun questions, and great scenarios for you to bond new acquaintances or old friends. The easiest way to experience Blur is to gather a few people and try it out!

Imagine this; you are at a gathering with some friends and some strangers. The night is set to be a success, but you just can't get over the part where there is awkward silence. The games you usually play just don't get the job done. Blur fixes all these problems! The app contains over 1500 questions, challenges and games for you to engage in!

It’s this simple: fill in the names of the players, choose a game to play, start the fun! All you need is a phone that is fully charged, and a group with your best friends.

6 different games give you a chance to fill your insatiable thirst for fun and bring life to dull gatherings. Play Blur while hanging out, in the middle of class, when you want to break the ice between the opposite sex, or as the night winds down.

With new content and updates being added regularly, Holmseth&Lieth Productions is proud to offer you the best way to spend with your friends. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, @blur_app.

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